Business for the Arts of Broward is a not-for-profit organization that educates the business community about the importance of Broward County’s art and cultural community and engages them in building connections between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development.

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Gelli Printing

Gelli Printing is a popular and intriguing mono-printing process that results in unique, beautiful, hand-printed papers filled with color, texture and layers. No artistic skill or talent is required, just a willingness to experiment! 

The session will begin with an explanation of the exercise and materials. All materials will be provided for use during the program including: Gelli plates, paint, stencils, texturizing tools, paint brushes, paint rollers and other assorted materials. I will moderate the time and aid with the materials throughout the project. The organization/company may select a theme, if desired. 

Each participant will create at least one colorful, personalized poster for inspiration. Each poster will feature a word or phrase such as: Dream, Create, Pray, Love, Laugh Often, etc. 

Available for an additional materials charge: The Gelli Printing Project is available for printing on T-shirts, Canvas Tote Bags, Scarves, Aprons or other fabrics. It’s a fantastic way to show off your organization’s Team Spirit and creativity! 


Inspire creativity, confidence and individual expression. 

Min.-Max. Number of Participants: 4 – 30 (May accommodate larger group on request)