Business for the Arts of Broward is a not-for-profit organization that educates the business community about the importance of Broward County’s art and cultural community and engages them in building connections between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development.

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"Art Detectives"

Objective: to make the experience of viewing art in museums and galleries a fun and engaging experience.

Description: In this interactive workshop participants will learn some basic prompts to have a lively discussion about famous artworks, in order  to make looking at art a more meaningful experience.  Participants will learn how artists use basic design principles for various effects, and then work in teams to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge a familiar work of art. 

This activity is ideal for a team-building event, where participants are encouraged to listen to each ,other, discuss ideas and come to conclusions.

Similar programs are being used by students at Harvard Medical School and New York City Police Detectives.

Space/Facility Requirements: Access to a projector with USB port or necessary wires to connect to laptop: viewing screen or blank wall

Preferable seating: approx. groups of 5

Time frame:  2 hours

Materials provided:    Packets for each team, including a print of a famous work of art, worksheets for each participant, packets, highlighters.

Maximum participants: 50

Your Instructor

Andrea Huffman

Andrea F. Huffman after thirty one years as a visual arts educator in Broward County Public Schools retired from teaching to pursue her work as a full time artist. Originally from New York City, she attended the High School of Art and Design. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Florida Atlantic University in 1980 and a Master’s Degree in Art Education at Florida International University in 1994.

She has had the opportunity to participate in numerous juried and group shows throughout Florida, as well as two solo shows in Broward County. In 2011 she was one of five Florida Arts Educators selected for the first State Teachers Artist in Residence (STAR) program at the Hermitage Artist Retreat in Sarasota, where her work is also in their permanent collection. She is currently a member of Florida Craftsmen, Studio Art Quilters Association and in 2010 she became a juried member of “2 + 3; The Artist’s Organization” a group in Broward County that was originally formed by Duane Hansen in the 1980’s. Through these organizations she has participated in a wide range group exhibits throughout Florida including the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg. In October of 2013, she had a solo exhibit at the Lee Wagener Gallery at the Ft. Lauderdale/ Hollywood International Airport. Although I am retired from teaching in Public Schools, she continues to offer classes and workshops in fiberart, printmaking, and creativity to students of all ages.

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