Business for the Arts of Broward is a not-for-profit organization that educates the business community about the importance of Broward County’s art and cultural community and engages them in building connections between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development.

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Art Curation and Public Art Programs/ Roster

Business for the Arts of Broward (BFA) is creating a roster of pre-qualified artists and is inviting South Florida artists to submit qualifications to be considered. for our Art Curation and Public Art programs. The purpose of the programing is to match art with clients who want to buy art  for their office spaces, and to curate temporary art exhibits at participating businesses. By applying to be considered for the program, artists’ artwork will be reviewed for projects in the following temporary and long-term art categories:  Photography, Sculpture, 2-D Framed or Canvas, Fiber, Ceramic/Mosaic and Environmental Installations. Deadline: ONGOING 

How to Submit Your Qualifications for the Artist Roster

Please submit the following items by email to

  • Indicate your art medium category: Photography, Sculpture, 2-D Framed or Canvas, Fiber, Ceramic/Mosaic and Environmental Installations. If you wish to submit an additional application for another medium category, you may submit up to three applications, but must submit each category separately.
  • Attach a brief artist/artist team statement and or bio no more than 2,000 characters ( pdf or word document)
  • Attach a resume or CV with contact info no more than 2 pages. (pdf or word document)
  • Attach a list that corresponds with the work samples submitted. It must describe the work samples, including dimensions, title, location/client, project budget, and individual artwork prices. Please include a 25% commission to BFA in your pricing.( pdf or word document)
  • Upload images, video of completed work samples. A minimum of 8 -15 digital images of completed artwork is required for all art categories. A maximum of 3 videos may be submitted if video can best depict the sample artwork.* ( images must be jpeg or jpg, under 5MB with a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side.)
  • NOTE: When uploading images, images files should be titled as follows: Artist’sLASTname_Title-Of-Artwork.jpeg
*Dropbox and WeTransfer links are suggested to transfer files.


    This is an ongoing program. We will review applications within 30 days of receiving them.
    Artists will be notified only if their work has been added to the roster. 


    Lori Pratico, Programs Assistant, BFA 

    Selection Process**

    BFA will review submissions based on the following criteria:
    • All applicants must be South Florida residents and at least 18 years of age. 
    • Completed application.
    • A cohesive body of work.
    • Artist experience and qualifications relevant to the scale of the project.
    • Artistic merit, high quality and unique design.
    • Compatibility with the site, e.g. function of site, size and materials.
    • Compliance with all safety requirements.
    • All work is ready to install. Canvases must be wired, no sawtooth hangers. Metal prints must have hanging hardware attached.
    • Other criteria that BFA deems necessary

      **APPLYING AND SELECTION OF ARTISTS TO THE ARTIST ROSTER does not guarantee placement, sales or commissions with clients. Your work will be shared with clients at BFA’s sole discretion. Clients are encouraged to choose artists according to their needs and tastes.



      Accepted artist’s applications are kept on file and their artwork is matched with the client’s preferences/tastes.
      When a client shows preference to a specific artist, BFA will contact the artist to discuss what work they have available, and go from there to schedule an exhibit, commission, or sale.
      *BFA retains 25% commission on any commissions or sales.

      Businesses we are currently working with are Brinkley Morgan, Northern Trust, RSM, Marcum, the DDA, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, BBX Capital, Hof’s House of Sweets Las Olas, House of VP and continue to add more.